Buy brand new Black Aces Tactical firearms from our shop. Black Aces Tactical offers a variety of high-quality shotguns at a price point that will not break your budget. Whether you are looking for a pump-action shotgun or a bullpup semi-auto shotgun, we have what you are looking for, even shotgun ammo. Be ready with Black Aces Tactical. Buy the Black aces tactical bullpup, black aces tactical pro series x, black aces tactical pro series s, black aces tactical lever action shotgun from us today.

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We work hard to bring you todays cutting edge Black Aces Tactical  products! Black Aces Tactical is an American firearms manufacturer / Importer that specializes in making affordable pump, lever action and semi automatic tactical shotguns. Black Aces Tactical also has a line of affordable suppressors and shotgun quad rails and stocks. Their most popular models are the Black Aces Tactical Bullpup, Black Aces Tactical Pro Series X, Black Aces Tactical Pro Series S, that are compact and powerful. If you are in the market for a tactical shotgun or accessory than Black Aces Tactical is a company to take a look at! 

Check out this Semi Auto Bullpup Shotgun with 20 round drum.